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Jan 18, 2013 8:00am EST
that you cannot. >> she does, she reads music, and she does not believe that i cannot. john williams said, of course he can read music. tavis: one of the things that i celebrate about you and revel in is your humanity. i revel in the humanity that is found in your lyrics. particularly when you jack -- juxtaposed that on the difficulty you have had in your own life. i am trying to find the right way to phrase it. how have those chapters help you in your riding, help you become who you are? >> my family suffers from addiction problems, as many do. also, i also i think some emotional problems, anxiety or depression. those are present in my family. sort of historically, as a matter of family history. it is not surprising that crops up in my generation a lot. it killed my brother alex, alcohol did. and substance abuse -- i was an active at it for a long time. it should have killed me about five times. really should have. i am very lucky to have survived it. there was a lot of wasted time, and there was a lot of unavailability, because i was just sealed off to the rest of the world. but so
Jan 16, 2013 7:00pm EST
, he would say. not even close to what i am doing and he would play again. i could hear it. john blackwell, my drummer, his father taught him the same way. we learned from being shown. it does not come from books and reading. we need to be shown, you know. it is having really good teachers and a bar that is so high. tiger woods -- i could go on and on. tavis: you talked a couple of times about your father which you do not do in public and i appreciate you opening up in that way. tell me understand how -- i am trying to juxtaposed knowing you as i do, everything about you is love. you create love in the space you occupy. people feel the love. love is in york lyrical content. your whole life is about a love of humanity. i am trying to juxtaposed how you got to this place of being love when you had this relationship with your father that obviously did not always exhibit love. you could be a very mean personnel. why not? >> i have a mean side, yeah. tavis: let me back up then. >> i can go there. i am a fighter, i am very competitive. from him being so hard on me, the one thing i got
Jan 15, 2013 12:00am PST
country who knew can do better. i hope they recognize that john kerry and john edwards will be the team that can help us do better. >> how did you decide what to put in, what to leave out of your speech? i have been in a number of conversations this week center speech. people are trying to analyze what you did and did not say. i felt for you because it is unfortunate in many respects that if you win, you'll be the only african-american in the u.s. senate, you have to be all things to all people. how do you do a speech where you have to remain authentically black for those black folks in chicago and the south side who know you and at the same time, your the face of the party? -- you are the face the pot -- face of the party? >> i tried to remind people i am rooted in the african-american community but not bound by it. that applies to the speech and my politics. when i tried to pass a bill that is boosting the wages of low- wage workers, that helps everybody, but disproportionately, black folks are low wage. if i am working on people who are not insured or underinsured, that helps ev
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)